Currency Symbols ALT Codes (Keyboard Shortcuts)

The table below is a list of all the Currency symbols ALT codes that you can use as shortcuts to enter any Currency symbol with your keyboard.

If you already know how to use ALT codes, simply browse the list below to find the alt codes for the symbol you need.

If you are not already familiar with using ALT codes, find and note down the ALT code for the Currency symbol you need to enter, then open this instructions page on how to use ALT codes, or scroll down below the table for a brief step by step guide.

List of Currency Symbols ALT Codes

Note: Some of these Alt Codes only work in Microsoft Word. Thus, if you are not getting a particular symbol, try it inside MS word.

DescriptionSymbolALT + Code
Euro CurrencyAlt + 0128
Dutch FlorinƒAlt + 0131
Cent¢Alt + 0162
Pound£Alt + 0163 or 156
General Currency¤Alt + 0164
Japanese Yen¥Alt + 0165
Dollar Sign$Alt + 36
French FrancAlt + 8355
British PoundAlt + 8356
Mill SignAlt + 8357
Nigerian NairaAlt + 8358
Spanish PesetaAlt + 8359
Indian RupeeAlt + 8360
South Korean WonAlt + 8361
Israeli New SheqelAlt + 8362
Vietnamese DongAlt + 8363
Laos KipAlt + 8365
Mongolian TugrikAlt + 8366
Greece DrachmaAlt + 8367
German Penny SignAlt + 8368
Philippine PesoAlt + 8369
Paraguayan GuaraniAlt + 8370
Argentine AustralAlt + 8371
Ukrainian HryvniaAlt + 8372
Indian Rupee SymbolAlt + 8377
Turkish LiraAlt + 8378
Russian RubleAlt + 8381

How to use Currency Symbols ALT Codes

Windows has a very interesting way (or shortcuts) of typing Currency symbols that do not have a corresponding key on the keyboard. You can insert any Currency symbol you want by holding down the ALT key, typing the symbol’s ALT codes, then releasing the ALT key.

It is called the ALT code method. I consider this the best method for typing Currency symbols on Windows using the keyboard.

Below are the steps you may use to type any Currency symbol using the ALT code method:

  • Open your text editor where you want to type the symbol.
  • Click your cursor exactly where you want to type the symbol.
  • Press and hold down the Alt key.
  • Whilst pressing down the Alt key, type the symbol’s Alt code. (E.g. ALT + 0162 will give you the Cent Symbol)
  • Then release the Alt key.
Cent Symbol ALT Code Shortcut

NOTE: The ALT code method works on PC or Laptop keyboards with the separate numeric keypad on the right. If your keyboard doesn’t have this number pad, press Fn+NmLk to activate it, or connect an external keyboard.


As seen above, this is a comprehensive list of all the popular Currency symbols and ALT codes along with instructions on how to insert them using the ALT code shortcut.

You can also explore our complete list of over 200 Windows ALT codes.

For any questions or suggestions about these Currency ALT codes, please leave a comment below.

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